Considerations to explore when developing a Family Wealth Management Life Plan

Financial Planning
Goal Analysis 

Needs, Wants, Wishes
Evaluation of Alternatives
Probability Analysis
Monitoring Progress
Budgeting and Cash Flow
Budget Evaluation
Cash Flow Management
Savings strategies 
Debt Analysis
Borrowing Needs
Secured vs. Unsecured
Buy vs. Lease/Rent
Special Circumstances
Non-Traditional Families
Dependents with Special Needs

Investment Planning
Economics/Business Cycles

Fiscal Policy
Monetary Policy
Economic Indicators
Business Cycles 
Inflation, Deflation, Stagnation
Asset Allocation
Risk Tolerance
Strategic & Tactical 
Active & Passive 
Investment Selection
Portfolio Construction
Manager Selection
Discretionary vs. Non-Discretionary
Performance Reviews
Tax Efficient Investing
Taxable vs. Tax-Free
Tax Loss Harvesting
Real Estate Conversations
Mortgages & Refinancing
Commercial & Residential


Retirement Planning
Lifestyle Review

Retirement Review
Evaluating Needs, Wants, Wishes
Retirement Income
Coordination of Fixed and Variable Sources of Income
Effects of Longevity
Inflationary Risk
Social Security & Pension Election
Benefit Commencement Decision
Healthcare Spending Accts
Long Term-Care

Wealth Planning
Wills & Legal Documents

Records Organization
Healthcare POA
Living Will
Durable POA
 Legacy Planning Gifting & Uses of Trusts
Annual Gifting
Lifetime Gift Exemption
Revocable & Irrevocable Trust 
Grantor Trust
Family Governance & Dynamics
Protect the Wealth Plan
Family Mission Statement
Family Councils
Charitable Planning
Charitable Trust
Direct Bequests
Donor Advised Funds
Private Foundations

Asset Protection Planning
Capital Needs & Disability Analysis

Life Insurance 
Disability Insurance 
Property/Casualty & Special Insurance
Umbrella Liability
Directors & Officer
Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Exempt Assets & Entities Usage
State Exempt Assets
Spendthrift Provisions
Domestic Asset Protection Trusts